Collectible Gemstone

Tampilan: Daftar / Kotak
Urut Berdasarkan:
G-2338 unique rare top collectible natural enstatite 4,54ct + certf
Code Product : G-2338 Gem Name : Natural Enstatite Certificate : by GRI Lab Indonesia , Jakar..
G-2289 super rare collector item natural fire agate set in silver pendant
Code Product : G-2289 Gem Name : Natural Fire Agate With Silver Pendant Certificate : - Wei..
G-2287 top best collection item 9 gemstones navratnam set in silver ring
Code Product : G-2287 Gem Name : Natural 9 Gemstone Navratnam Certificate : - Weight : 4.00..
G-2140 extreme rare top brilliant luster orange clinohumite 1,42ct + certf
Code Product : G-2140 Gem Name : Natural Clinohumite Certificate : by GRI Lab Indonesia , Jak..
G-2132 rare colour unheated natural VS green sapphire 2,14ct + big lab
Code Product : G-2132 Gem Name : Natural Green Sapphire (Corundum) Certificate : by BIG Gemol..
G-2110 no heated sparkling luster tanzania pink sapphire 1,98ct + GRI lab
Code Product : G-2110 Gem Name : Natural Pink Sapphire Certificate : by GRI Lab Indonesia , J..
G-1960 natural 100% greenland hi-polish black nuummite 10,77ct + certf
Code Product : G-1960 Gem Name : Natural Black Nuummite Certificate : by Quick Check Nugroho ..
G-1892 very rare natural axinite from tanzania 2,18ct + Certf Lab
Code Product : G-1892 Gem Name : Natural Brown Axinite Certificate : by GEM.ID Nugroho Gemolo..
G-1811 Collector item rare Fire Agate Arizona set in top Silver Pendant
Code Product : G-1811 Gem Name : Natural Fire Agate With Silver Pendant Certificate : - Wei..
G-1780 Rare AAAAA Quality Sparkling Luster TOP Yellow Calcite 9,85cts
Code Product : G-1780 Gem Name : Natural Yellow Calcite Certificate : - Weight : 9.85ct S..
G-1766 Extreme Rare Gemstone Basnasite Sparkling Top Luster 2,53ct + Certf
Code Product : G-1766 Gem Name : Natural Basnasite Certificate : by GEM.ID Nugroho Gemologist..
G-1765 Collector Size 36cts Briliance Luster Yellow Citrine VVS + Certf
Code Product : G-1765 Gem Name : Natural Citrine Quartz Certificate : by GEM.ID Nugroho Ge..
G-1663 Superior Size Collectible 88cts AAAAA+ Swiss Blue Topaz + DGL LAb
Code Product : G-1663 Gem Name : Natural Blue Topaz Certificate : by DGL Gemological Lab , Ja..
G-1638 Collector Huge Size 122cts RAinbow Flourite Superior Quality
Code Product : G-1638 Gem Name : Natural Fluorite Certificate : - Weight : 122.9ct Size :..
G-1041 Very RARE Tracpihe Brown Spinel  4,22 cts + MEMO Lab
  Code Product : G-1041  Gem Name : Natural Trapiche Spinel Certificate : b..