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Tampilan: Daftar / Kotak
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G-1918 TOP Big Size blue TOpaz cut briliance 20,49ct VVS + Certf
Code Product : G-1918 Gem Name : Natural Blue Topaz Certificate : by Quick Check Nugroho Gemo..
G-1811 Collector item rare Fire Agate Arizona set in top Silver Pendant
Code Product : G-1811 Gem Name : Natural Fire Agate With Silver Pendant Certificate : - Wei..
G-1780 Rare AAAAA Quality Sparkling Luster TOP Yellow Calcite 9,85cts
Code Product : G-1780 Gem Name : Natural Yellow Calcite Certificate : - Weight : 9.85ct S..
G-1746 Best Luster Eye Clean Bodyglass Sparkling red ruby Songea rare
Code Product : G-1746 Gem Name : Natural Ruby Certificate : - Weight : 0.60ct Size : 5.6 ..
G-1641 Very RARE Collector Gems Purple Scapolite 2,65cts + LAB Certf
Code Product : G-1641 Gem Name : Natural Purple Scapolite Certificate : by GEM.ID Nugroho Gem..
G-1312 RARE Octagon cut Green Hydro Glossular Garnet 2,76cts + MEMO
Code Product : G-1312 Gem Name : Natural Hydrogrossular Garnet Certificate : by Quick Che..
G-1301 RARE Gemstone Sparkling 2,84cts Bi-Colour Tanzanite + MEMO
Code Product : G-1301 Gem Name : Natural Bicolor Tanzanite Certificate : by Quick Check N..
G-1271 TOP Quality Golden Amber with Unique Inclusion 11,3 cts from Baltic
Code Product : G-1271 Gem Name : Natural Amber Certificate : - Weight : 11.3ct Si..
G-1118 Best Quality Multicolour Ammolite 12,4 cts from Kanada
  Code Product : G-1118 Gem Name : Natural Ammolite Certificate : - Weight :..
G-1041 Very RARE Tracpihe Brown Spinel  4,22 cts + MEMO Lab
  Code Product : G-1041  Gem Name : Natural Trapiche Spinel Certificate : b..